Where Do These Drinks Come From?

We had a chance to chat with Ashlynn Peverley about creating amazing drinks that people keep coming back for.

What inspired you to try to create your own drink recipes for Metro?

I was wondering what it would be like to make up a drink because we had so many different flavor choices and I really didn’t have one drink in particular that stood out to me. I wanted one I could drink every day and wouldn’t tire of. White chocolate was a flavor I favored most so I made that as a base, as it also goes good with any flavor, I added some toasted marshmallow for extra sweetness and then added almond since I thought it was strong but would balance with the other two. Then came the toasted white almond, a staple on all menus at Metro now. At the time, it was called the “Ashlynn drink” but the easiest name was the first word of each flavor. I had discovered a new hobby at work, inventing drinks and mixing flavors, coming up with fun names. The first drink special menu was in March when I decided we needed to start drink specials but made it easier for a month vs day to day or week to week. 

What are some of your favorite flavor combos you go to?

My favorite flavor combos are always going to be a white chocolate and breve mix. At first, it was hard to know that a drink doesn’t require a “base” flavor and can really be a mix of whatever you want which leaves so much room for creativity. But white chocolate is always a solid flavor. One of my favorite white chocolate combos is the April Showers which is a white chocolate breve with peach and lavender. The flavors just cohere so well together with the flavor of espresso and the breve just adds the right creamy consistency. I would also say any drink with toasted marshmallow is an easy combo to make because it has a sweetness that is just a little more than vanilla but not too much. 

Metro has a lot of drinks besides just coffee, so what are some of the challenges in creating such a wide variety of drink options?

One challenge when creating drink varieties is knowing when to draw the line at trying something new and trying something just absolutely chaotic. Most of the time, there is a chance that someone would like it, even 1 person every 10th, but you still want to create a flavor that more people would be willing to try. I like knowing that I can add vanilla to a Bullitt without affecting the lemon flavor because it makes it a little sweeter but still gives you the tartness of the Red Bull lemonade idea. Also, when creating drink specials per month, knowing what type of drinks will sell more depending on the weather or events in town during that time helps create new flavor combos for coffee, red bulls, teas, or smoothies.

Do you like experimentation and trying new ideas outside of Metro when you cook or make cocktails of your own?

I do enjoy the idea of experimentation, but more so when I have some people to give feedback or who give me the satisfaction of knowing what I made is good. Usually at home, I stick to the basics: butter, garlic, salt and pepper. I also love a classic bloody mary so those are pretty easy to stick to the basics, but I do love adding my own garnishes. Cheese cubes, pickles, olives, celery, basically a whole meal with a hint of tomato and vodka. I would say one of my favorite cocktails is the London fog at the Drinkery by cory. They knew what they were doing when getting experimental with tea, cream, and liquor.

You’ve created so many drinks, do you think you have more concoctions to try?

Yes, absolutely. Like I said before, there are so many flavor combos and so many different people with different tastes. Some prefer an alternative milk simply due to a flavor or creaminess which is where a drink like the toasted coconut shakaroo comes in. You could mix and match so many flavors and come up with so many drink names; that is where different concoctions can come into play with different special days in different months.

Of all the drinks you have developed, what is one or two of your favorites?

As previously mentioned, the toasted white almond is an OG classic and will forever be a favorite as well as the April showers. Besides those 2, I would say my favorite creations have to be a Bee’s Knees which is a white chocolate honey breve because it is an april drink so it’s the perfect spring name with the connection of bees and honey. My other favorite drink that I’ve made is the sweater weather. The sweater weather was a huge hit the minute it hit the menus and was a customer favorite for the rest of the month. It is a vanilla chai made with oat milk and honey mixed with Earl Gray tea. My favorite thing about this drink is the early gray mixed with the chai. The honey is a staple to most teas and mixes well with the other sweetness of the chai and the oat milk is a great thick milk that adds that great foamy flavor to the chai. I also love the name due to the weather, as well as the song by the neighborhood.

I want to thank everyone who comes into Metro every day and gets a drink, especially those who look forward to new specials and get a new one every month. You all have inspired me to continue to create new things for everyone to try and I love sharing my love for coffee with you throughout the year.