What Does it Mean to be Local?

Ashlynn Peverley at Metro Coffee Company

Here at Metro Coffee Company, nestled in the heart of Casper, Wyoming, we’re not just your average local coffee shop. For over twenty years, we’ve been a fixture in this community, embodying the spirit of Casper through our dedication to serving and uplifting our neighbors.

We go beyond simply serving coffee; we actively engage with and support our local community in various ways. Whether it’s through community give-backs, partnerships with local organizations, other Wyoming companies, or sponsoring events like the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter competition in Ten Sleep, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact where it counts.

Freshness isn’t just a promise to us—it’s a way of life. We’re proud to source as many ingredients and products locally as possible. From the freshly roasted coffee beans to the homemade bagels and breakfast bites baked right here in downtown Casper, every sip and bite at Metro reflects the specialty flavors and essence of our community.

Through our unwavering presence and commitment to being there for our community, we’ve become a trusted ally, providing not just coffee, but comfort and assurance when it’s needed most.

Expanding Horizons, Enriching Communities

We are thankful for the generous support of our community. We’ve been able to grow and expand, all while staying true to our roots. With plans to bring our unique blend of community connection and specialty coffee to other towns and cities, we aim to enrich communities far and wide, just as we’ve done in Casper.

In every cup of coffee and every interaction, Metro Coffee Company proves that true community connection knows no bounds. From Casper to beyond, we’re more than just a coffee shop. And to us, that’s what it means to be local.