So, Why Is Metro So Involved With the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition?

If you’re familiar with the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition, a statewide contest welcoming musicians of all genres to compete using their own music, you’ve likely seen Metro as a sponsor. It’s no secret that we’re proud supporters of the arts, music included, but our relationship with this annual event goes a bit deeper than that.

During the onset of owning Metro Coffee Company, there was a burning desire to dabble in the roots of “coffee shop music”.  Growing up with popular coffee shop bands created the desire to be a part of it.  In 2018 Metro started hosting its own Singer-Songwriter Night, where each Friday there would be an open mic and an open stage for the local performers to come in and play; no covers, just good old-fashioned original music.

As the event grew for the performers and the spectators, Metro looked at what else was going on in the area, trying to find more.  Bookings were made for traveling artists both big and small as well as bookings made for the local artists – the music was pouring in.  That’s when the discovery was made of the Singer-Songwriter competitions in Laramie, Wyoming.  They were privately held and local to Laramie only, but the idea was intriguing, and Metro wanted in.

The questions were asked about the competition and the answers came back as opportunity – the competition was moving to a state-wide format.  That’s when Sean Peverley, the owner of Metro, jumped in; as a local singer-songwriter and member of the infamous local band The Last Coyote, he signed up for the local qualifying round in Casper.  Three songs, that’s what was needed to play in the competition; write them, sing them, and let the audience decide.

“I had only performed in front of a crowd in my own coffee shop – this was something new to me.  When I showed up for the competition there were guitars stacked in the back room and papers flung out everywhere with locals and travelers looking nervously ready to put their magic into the world.  I knew I was hooked from that moment.”

The competition went on and Sean placed first in the qualifier and moved on to the semi-finals.  Although placing in the semi-final round didn’t happen the hook was sunk – this was/is something Metro would be a part of.  As the years have passed, the competition has become bigger and bigger and is now taking place in Ten Sleep, Wyoming at the Ten Sleep Brewery.  It is a 4-day event with music, workshops, and much-needed lifetime friendships being made.  Metro has grown with the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition and has become one of the main sponsors of the event along with Wyoming Whiskey.

The passion and dedication that the artists carry into the competition is something that is a delight to witness.  Metro is proud to be a part of the opportunity that these folks are being given.  With a $5,000 first-place prize, there have been some big steps made by these musicians; albums, merch, notoriety, and so much more.

Learn more about the organization, this year’s finals event in Tensleep, and how to attend (maybe even compete!) here: wyomingsinger-songwriters.com