Sink Your Teeth Into Our New Breakfast Bites

  1. What are the three new Breakfast Bites?

We are offering two pastry crust-filled options and one egg soufflé bite. The pastry crust is made from scratch at the production house. The Lorraine is bacon, Swiss, onion, and egg-filled pastry crust while the Retro is filled with sausage, egg, and cheddar cheese.

My favorite is the infamous El Guapo. From the small town of Santo Poco comes this spicy and hardy treat filled with the heart of your favorite villain: El Guapo. It’s made with egg, tomato, poblano peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, and corn tortilla chips.

  1. Where did this idea come from?

The idea for the bites originated over the summer. A friend of a friend (#doughkng) was in town visiting to help develop a recipe for pie crusts and open-faced empanadas. As we got to talking I couldn’t get over the idea of serving up these “openadas” breakfast-style to complement our bagels and bagel sandwiches.

We gathered up the ingredients and headed over to the Skelly building and started putting them together, and just like that, Metro became king of the breakfast bites.

  1. How will this new fresh-baked breakfast option impact the community?

We can now offer a quicker yet still hardy breakfast option at all of our locations. The El Guapo also brings a flavor that is very unique to our area. We can offer up specials to fit the season such as pumpkin, fruits, and even the possibility of a hardy lunch.

We’re opening up the opportunity for the community to have a one-stop quick in and out option for food.