Play Hooky With Metro’s Newest Roast: Unexcused Absence

“Bueller…? Bueller…?”

This reference might be a little old for many of the fresh young faces frequenting Metro during school hours, but our newest roast is a salute to all the high school kids who, just like Ferris, come to Metro for a little “Unexcused Absence”.

While we don’t endorse skipping school, we love being the go-to spot for our local youth all year round. We see you grow up, come back to visit when you go out and face the world on your own, and get to serve coffee to many of you on your way to work when you land a job here in Casper.

If Metro can provide a fun, safe, trendy place for you all to come to–outside of school hours or not–then hey, we’ll take it.

So next time you need a little break away–an “Unexcused Absence”, if you will–come to Metro to hang out and relax for a minute… or, you know, take a bag of our coffee with you to make at home and enjoy AT SCHOOL. 😉☕️