Metro Featured Artist: Quinlan Valdez

Music is back at Metro this month! We are excited to welcome the talented Quinlan Valdez to our downtown location January 28th at 7:00PM.

Born and raised in Wyoming, Quinlan’s musical life began in 2010 when he first saw Jalan Crossland perform a show for Casper’s ArtCore program, which led to an expanding love for live music.

After learning the banjo and teaching himself the guitar, Quinlan began writing his own songs and making his way as a professional musician. Listeners commonly relate his style to the likes of artists such as Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens while still realizing his own character.

Since 2018, Valdez has released three albums and one EP, has been played all across Wyoming, and continues to expand through neighboring states. He’s even been able to share a stage with Jalan and has been invited to Artcore.

For Quinlan, music is simply a way of life more than it is a job or career. Hopefully bringing a more profound performance to an audience.