Introducing The Coffee Table: the Latest Addition to the Metro Family

If you’ve been paying attention over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that Metro has been up to a LOT lately. The addition of our East Side and Skelly locations, joined with the launch of our in-house roasted coffee beans, have us feeling so grateful, motivated, and excited for more to come–and that’s not just the coffee talking.

We’re excited to announce the latest development in the saga that is Metro: the formation of “The Coffee Table”, the newest addition to our family.

To fill you in, we sat down with our owner Sean Peverley to give you an overview, get you hyped, and in other words spill the beans (pun intended):

  1. What is The Coffee Table?

“It is a new addition to the Metro family: a place where people can grab a quick on-the-go gift to help make someone’s day. All of the Metro merch and products will be available at The Coffee Table along with all of the tools to make great coffee at home or on the road. Think stickers, hats, shirts, travel mugs, ceramic mugs, french press, pour over…

The best part is that we will not only have Metro gear but also will be proudly supporting local vendors including WyoMade, the locally owned and operated Wyoming brand that was started right here in Casper. There will be a wide variety of things for any and all ages to choose from.”

  1. How did you develop this idea for a separate store?

“As we grow, our product placement becomes more and more important. We can’t just fill up the front spaces with our merchandise. This separate space allows us to focus on what’s important in each area to keep our customers’ experience top-notch. it also allows us to provide an opportunity for local vendors to grab some space at a storefront that they may otherwise not been able to have.”

  1. Will there be exclusive items and products there you can’t get at other locations?

“We will have the WyoMade Apparel and Gifts exclusively at Metro, as well as specialty gifts from other vendors.”

  1. What new dynamic will the Coffee Table bring to Casper and the community?

“Not too sure it’s “new”, but the dynamic will be LOCAL. It will be SMALL BUSINESS. It will be OPPORTUNITY.”

So there you have it, Casper. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Metro, you’re about to have one more place to get your coffee fix, your merch fix, your friend fix–your Metro fix. Look for the new development attached to our East Side location at 4130 Centennial Hills Blvd Suite 100 in Casper, Wyoming.