Craft Coffee Meets Pour-Over Coffee Kits

We sat down with Sean Peverley, of Metro Coffee Company and asked him what all the hype was about with the collab with Pour Ta and the new pour-over coffee kits.

Simply put, it’s a pour-over coffee for on-the-go.  It’s something that you can take with you while you’re traveling, while you’re camping, while you’re out backpacking, or whenever or wherever you’d like a cup of great coffee. I use mine for hunting and backpacking more than anything. It’s prepackaged, ground, weighed, and sampled to make the perfect cup of Joe.

Some of the benefits are that we’ve done much of the work for you. We’ve put together the roasts that pair well with the pour-over or cold brew style that people love. It’s been ground to a specific grind that will soak up the most flavor for every cup. Most of all, it is conveniently packaged to take on the go for any occasion.

This collaboration is awesome for us and any Wyoming fans out there. Pour Ta, a Laramie-based coffee brand was willing to work with us and test/sample our coffee to make a cup that maximizes everything about the flavors. This has been our first major collaboration in product development but Metro looks forward to others in the future. We’re always excited when two Wyoming companies can work together to bring something great to life.  

But that’s not all – you can simply drop the closed pouch of grounds into a cup of water to let it soak in the frig overnight for a tasteful cup of cold-brewed coffee!

I truly believe that this is the easiest way to make cold brew; whether you’re at home for the daily drink or on the go. All of the hard work has been done.  Anyone who likes a great cold brew needs to try this – we serve the Skelly Octane as our cold brew in our shops and it has been a hit since we started roasting it.