Discover Metro Coffee Company: Casper’s Beloved Coffee Shop for Over 20 Years

If you’re looking for the best coffee in Casper, Wyoming, look no further than Metro Coffee Company. This local gem has been the heart and soul of the coffee culture in Casper, WY for over two decades. Renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and exceptional quality, Metro Coffee Company isn’t just any coffee shop—it’s a beloved community hub.

Metro Coffee Company stands out among local coffee shops in Casper, WY, for its dedication to fresh local flavors and creativity. Here, coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a craft. They roast their own beans, ensuring every cup of coffee is fresh, flavorful, and aromatic. Whether you’re a fan of a robust espresso or a smooth latte, you’ll find the perfect brew to suit your taste.

But great coffee isn’t the only thing on the menu at Metro Coffee Company. They also bake their own bagels and other delightful goods, making it a top destination for coffee and breakfast in Casper, WY. Whether you’re in the mood for a warm, freshly baked bagel in the morning or a sweet treat to accompany your afternoon coffee, you’ll find a delicious selection of baked goods made with care and quality ingredients.

As one of the most cherished cafes in Casper, Metro Coffee Company has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Its cozy environment, friendly staff, and commitment to quality make it the ideal place to relax, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy a moment of peace with a great cup of coffee or smoothie.

Next time you’re exploring coffee places in Casper, WY, make sure to stop by Metro Coffee Company. Experience the rich flavors of their house-roasted coffee, savor the taste of their homemade bagels, and immerse yourself in the welcoming community that has made this coffee shop a local institution for over twenty years. Whether you’re a long-time resident or just passing through, Metro Coffee Company is your ultimate destination for coffee and culture in Casper, Wyoming.

Bringing Specialty Roasted Coffee to Casper: A Journey of Passion and Quality

Our journey began with a commitment to delivering the finest coffee to our community. We embarked on a transformative experience in Chicago to ensure we mastered the craft. At Fire Dancer Coffee Consultants, nestled in the bustling city of Chicago, we immersed ourselves in a five-day intensive course led by industry experts. In our quest for mastery, learning is perpetual. Reflecting on our journey, we’re humbled by the wealth of knowledge imparted by industry pros like Mike Ebert and Renée Espinoza. Their qualifications and dedication to fostering excellence have shaped our approach.

Prioritizing quality was non-negotiable from the outset. Consulting with seasoned experts like a master roaster from Denver, formerly affiliated with a prestigious roastery, was instrumental. Armed with invaluable insights, we curated the finest beans and perfected recipes to craft exceptional coffee blends. Our determination to deliver greatness to Casper fueled our journey.

Redefining Casper’s Coffee Culture

Before our venture, Casper’s coffee roasting scene was sparse. Yet, armed with a vision to elevate local coffee culture, we set out to make a mark. While other cities boasted established roasteries, Casper held untapped potential. Our aspiration to elevate Metro Coffee Company with craft coffee roasts was merely the beginning.

At the core of our endeavor lies a profound commitment to our community. Bringing freshly roasted coffee to Casper isn’t merely a business venture—it’s a testament to our devotion to local sustainability and quality. Specialty coffee isn’t just a product; it’s a standard upheld with dedication. By embracing local roots, we are enriching lives through every cup poured at Metro Coffee Company.

Everything we do coincides with our plan to build this community, or any community we reach. Coffee is integral to our society and we want to deliver a high-quality offering. Specialty coffee is a category. It is something that has standards. We couldn’t just order any old bean and roast it as a specialty – We have to offer a particular grade of beans – good beans. Putting our hearts into METRO allows us to give back to our community in our own special way. When we work together on community initiatives we embrace what it really means to be local. METRO IS LOCAL. 

What Does it Mean to be Local?

Here at Metro Coffee Company, nestled in the heart of Casper, Wyoming, we’re not just your average local coffee shop. For over twenty years, we’ve been a fixture in this community, embodying the spirit of Casper through our dedication to serving and uplifting our neighbors.

We go beyond simply serving coffee; we actively engage with and support our local community in various ways. Whether it’s through community give-backs, partnerships with local organizations, other Wyoming companies, or sponsoring events like the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter competition in Ten Sleep, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact where it counts.

Freshness isn’t just a promise to us—it’s a way of life. We’re proud to source as many ingredients and products locally as possible. From the freshly roasted coffee beans to the homemade bagels and breakfast bites baked right here in downtown Casper, every sip and bite at Metro reflects the specialty flavors and essence of our community.

Through our unwavering presence and commitment to being there for our community, we’ve become a trusted ally, providing not just coffee, but comfort and assurance when it’s needed most.

Expanding Horizons, Enriching Communities

We are thankful for the generous support of our community. We’ve been able to grow and expand, all while staying true to our roots. With plans to bring our unique blend of community connection and specialty coffee to other towns and cities, we aim to enrich communities far and wide, just as we’ve done in Casper.

In every cup of coffee and every interaction, Metro Coffee Company proves that true community connection knows no bounds. From Casper to beyond, we’re more than just a coffee shop. And to us, that’s what it means to be local.

Craft Coffee Meets Pour-Over Coffee Kits

We sat down with Sean Peverley, of Metro Coffee Company and asked him what all the hype was about with the collab with Pour Ta and the new pour-over coffee kits.

Simply put, it’s a pour-over coffee for on-the-go.  It’s something that you can take with you while you’re traveling, while you’re camping, while you’re out backpacking, or whenever or wherever you’d like a cup of great coffee. I use mine for hunting and backpacking more than anything. It’s prepackaged, ground, weighed, and sampled to make the perfect cup of Joe.

Some of the benefits are that we’ve done much of the work for you. We’ve put together the roasts that pair well with the pour-over or cold brew style that people love. It’s been ground to a specific grind that will soak up the most flavor for every cup. Most of all, it is conveniently packaged to take on the go for any occasion.

This collaboration is awesome for us and any Wyoming fans out there. Pour Ta, a Laramie-based coffee brand was willing to work with us and test/sample our coffee to make a cup that maximizes everything about the flavors. This has been our first major collaboration in product development but Metro looks forward to others in the future. We’re always excited when two Wyoming companies can work together to bring something great to life.  

But that’s not all – you can simply drop the closed pouch of grounds into a cup of water to let it soak in the frig overnight for a tasteful cup of cold-brewed coffee!

I truly believe that this is the easiest way to make cold brew; whether you’re at home for the daily drink or on the go. All of the hard work has been done.  Anyone who likes a great cold brew needs to try this – we serve the Skelly Octane as our cold brew in our shops and it has been a hit since we started roasting it.

Where Do These Drinks Come From?

We had a chance to chat with Ashlynn Peverley about creating amazing drinks that people keep coming back for.

What inspired you to try to create your own drink recipes for Metro?

I was wondering what it would be like to make up a drink because we had so many different flavor choices and I really didn’t have one drink in particular that stood out to me. I wanted one I could drink every day and wouldn’t tire of. White chocolate was a flavor I favored most so I made that as a base, as it also goes good with any flavor, I added some toasted marshmallow for extra sweetness and then added almond since I thought it was strong but would balance with the other two. Then came the toasted white almond, a staple on all menus at Metro now. At the time, it was called the “Ashlynn drink” but the easiest name was the first word of each flavor. I had discovered a new hobby at work, inventing drinks and mixing flavors, coming up with fun names. The first drink special menu was in March when I decided we needed to start drink specials but made it easier for a month vs day to day or week to week. 

What are some of your favorite flavor combos you go to?

My favorite flavor combos are always going to be a white chocolate and breve mix. At first, it was hard to know that a drink doesn’t require a “base” flavor and can really be a mix of whatever you want which leaves so much room for creativity. But white chocolate is always a solid flavor. One of my favorite white chocolate combos is the April Showers which is a white chocolate breve with peach and lavender. The flavors just cohere so well together with the flavor of espresso and the breve just adds the right creamy consistency. I would also say any drink with toasted marshmallow is an easy combo to make because it has a sweetness that is just a little more than vanilla but not too much. 

Metro has a lot of drinks besides just coffee, so what are some of the challenges in creating such a wide variety of drink options?

One challenge when creating drink varieties is knowing when to draw the line at trying something new and trying something just absolutely chaotic. Most of the time, there is a chance that someone would like it, even 1 person every 10th, but you still want to create a flavor that more people would be willing to try. I like knowing that I can add vanilla to a Bullitt without affecting the lemon flavor because it makes it a little sweeter but still gives you the tartness of the Red Bull lemonade idea. Also, when creating drink specials per month, knowing what type of drinks will sell more depending on the weather or events in town during that time helps create new flavor combos for coffee, red bulls, teas, or smoothies.

Do you like experimentation and trying new ideas outside of Metro when you cook or make cocktails of your own?

I do enjoy the idea of experimentation, but more so when I have some people to give feedback or who give me the satisfaction of knowing what I made is good. Usually at home, I stick to the basics: butter, garlic, salt and pepper. I also love a classic bloody mary so those are pretty easy to stick to the basics, but I do love adding my own garnishes. Cheese cubes, pickles, olives, celery, basically a whole meal with a hint of tomato and vodka. I would say one of my favorite cocktails is the London fog at the Drinkery by cory. They knew what they were doing when getting experimental with tea, cream, and liquor.

You’ve created so many drinks, do you think you have more concoctions to try?

Yes, absolutely. Like I said before, there are so many flavor combos and so many different people with different tastes. Some prefer an alternative milk simply due to a flavor or creaminess which is where a drink like the toasted coconut shakaroo comes in. You could mix and match so many flavors and come up with so many drink names; that is where different concoctions can come into play with different special days in different months.

Of all the drinks you have developed, what is one or two of your favorites?

As previously mentioned, the toasted white almond is an OG classic and will forever be a favorite as well as the April showers. Besides those 2, I would say my favorite creations have to be a Bee’s Knees which is a white chocolate honey breve because it is an april drink so it’s the perfect spring name with the connection of bees and honey. My other favorite drink that I’ve made is the sweater weather. The sweater weather was a huge hit the minute it hit the menus and was a customer favorite for the rest of the month. It is a vanilla chai made with oat milk and honey mixed with Earl Gray tea. My favorite thing about this drink is the early gray mixed with the chai. The honey is a staple to most teas and mixes well with the other sweetness of the chai and the oat milk is a great thick milk that adds that great foamy flavor to the chai. I also love the name due to the weather, as well as the song by the neighborhood.

I want to thank everyone who comes into Metro every day and gets a drink, especially those who look forward to new specials and get a new one every month. You all have inspired me to continue to create new things for everyone to try and I love sharing my love for coffee with you throughout the year.

So, Why Is Metro So Involved With the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition?

If you’re familiar with the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition, a statewide contest welcoming musicians of all genres to compete using their own music, you’ve likely seen Metro as a sponsor. It’s no secret that we’re proud supporters of the arts, music included, but our relationship with this annual event goes a bit deeper than that.

During the onset of owning Metro Coffee Company, there was a burning desire to dabble in the roots of “coffee shop music”.  Growing up with popular coffee shop bands created the desire to be a part of it.  In 2018 Metro started hosting its own Singer-Songwriter Night, where each Friday there would be an open mic and an open stage for the local performers to come in and play; no covers, just good old-fashioned original music.

As the event grew for the performers and the spectators, Metro looked at what else was going on in the area, trying to find more.  Bookings were made for traveling artists both big and small as well as bookings made for the local artists – the music was pouring in.  That’s when the discovery was made of the Singer-Songwriter competitions in Laramie, Wyoming.  They were privately held and local to Laramie only, but the idea was intriguing, and Metro wanted in.

The questions were asked about the competition and the answers came back as opportunity – the competition was moving to a state-wide format.  That’s when Sean Peverley, the owner of Metro, jumped in; as a local singer-songwriter and member of the infamous local band The Last Coyote, he signed up for the local qualifying round in Casper.  Three songs, that’s what was needed to play in the competition; write them, sing them, and let the audience decide.

“I had only performed in front of a crowd in my own coffee shop – this was something new to me.  When I showed up for the competition there were guitars stacked in the back room and papers flung out everywhere with locals and travelers looking nervously ready to put their magic into the world.  I knew I was hooked from that moment.”

The competition went on and Sean placed first in the qualifier and moved on to the semi-finals.  Although placing in the semi-final round didn’t happen the hook was sunk – this was/is something Metro would be a part of.  As the years have passed, the competition has become bigger and bigger and is now taking place in Ten Sleep, Wyoming at the Ten Sleep Brewery.  It is a 4-day event with music, workshops, and much-needed lifetime friendships being made.  Metro has grown with the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition and has become one of the main sponsors of the event along with Wyoming Whiskey.

The passion and dedication that the artists carry into the competition is something that is a delight to witness.  Metro is proud to be a part of the opportunity that these folks are being given.  With a $5,000 first-place prize, there have been some big steps made by these musicians; albums, merch, notoriety, and so much more.

Learn more about the organization, this year’s finals event in Tensleep, and how to attend (maybe even compete!) here: wyomingsinger-songwriters.com

On Our Grind: Wyoming-Roasted Coffee Available Through Metro Coffee Company

What is it about Wyoming that just makes everything better? Our wildlife? Scenery? People? Maybe all of the above!

Whatever it is, we’re excited to add one more thing to the list of things that our state makes so great: fresh coffee that is roasted, packaged, and sold right here in Casper, Wyoming.

The wide variety of our whole-bean coffee beans is roasted with care at the Metro Coffee Company Roastery. Brazilian, Colombian, and Guatemalan beans make up the single-origin and blended roasts from Metro that are as diverse as the seasons we live through and the people we serve.

Anyone who has been to our locations has probably had the Sofa King Espresso in any one of our coffee drinks, or has been served our fresh daily Lights Out or Metro House Blend. We’ve got something to fit everyone’s taste.

Get to know our roasts below, and stop into any of our locations in Casper or click the “Shop Now” button to buy any (or all!) online for pick up or delivery!

Red Dawn

Breakfast Blend

Unexcused Absence

Medium Roast

Metro House

Medium Roast

Lights Out

Dark Roast

Sofa King


Welcome To The Family Business

Metro Coffee Company is proud to announce that Operations Officer, Carter Peverley has accepted a Partner role in the company. He will join his father Sean in developing the family business.

This is exciting news for Metro and Carter. It means that together they can continue to serve the community of Casper, but also grow Metro and continue to expand the coffee company to people all around Wyoming.

Carter is business driven and this opportunity allows him to focus on Metro and build upon an already great business. He is excited to grow with Metro and has many ideas for where the coffee company can go. He has immersed himself in almost every aspect of the business from being a Barista to learning how to roast coffee and even the baking process for their signature items.

Carter Traveled to Chicago with his Father Sean to learn about the roasting process from master roasters and has been working in the Roastery since the beginning learning how to put out the very best coffee in Casper.

Metro is excited to add Carter as a Partner and to cement the coffee company as a family business for years to come. 

Play Hooky With Metro’s Newest Roast: Unexcused Absence

“Bueller…? Bueller…?”

This reference might be a little old for many of the fresh young faces frequenting Metro during school hours, but our newest roast is a salute to all the high school kids who, just like Ferris, come to Metro for a little “Unexcused Absence”.

While we don’t endorse skipping school, we love being the go-to spot for our local youth all year round. We see you grow up, come back to visit when you go out and face the world on your own, and get to serve coffee to many of you on your way to work when you land a job here in Casper.

If Metro can provide a fun, safe, trendy place for you all to come to–outside of school hours or not–then hey, we’ll take it.

So next time you need a little break away–an “Unexcused Absence”, if you will–come to Metro to hang out and relax for a minute… or, you know, take a bag of our coffee with you to make at home and enjoy AT SCHOOL. 😉☕️

Sink Your Teeth Into Our New Breakfast Bites

  1. What are the three new Breakfast Bites?

We are offering two pastry crust-filled options and one egg soufflé bite. The pastry crust is made from scratch at the production house. The Lorraine is bacon, Swiss, onion, and egg-filled pastry crust while the Retro is filled with sausage, egg, and cheddar cheese.

My favorite is the infamous El Guapo. From the small town of Santo Poco comes this spicy and hardy treat filled with the heart of your favorite villain: El Guapo. It’s made with egg, tomato, poblano peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, and corn tortilla chips.

  1. Where did this idea come from?

The idea for the bites originated over the summer. A friend of a friend (#doughkng) was in town visiting to help develop a recipe for pie crusts and open-faced empanadas. As we got to talking I couldn’t get over the idea of serving up these “openadas” breakfast-style to complement our bagels and bagel sandwiches.

We gathered up the ingredients and headed over to the Skelly building and started putting them together, and just like that, Metro became king of the breakfast bites.

  1. How will this new fresh-baked breakfast option impact the community?

We can now offer a quicker yet still hardy breakfast option at all of our locations. The El Guapo also brings a flavor that is very unique to our area. We can offer up specials to fit the season such as pumpkin, fruits, and even the possibility of a hardy lunch.

We’re opening up the opportunity for the community to have a one-stop quick in and out option for food.