Bringing Specialty Roasted Coffee to Casper: A Journey of Passion and Quality

Specialty Coffee Association award certificates to Metro Coffee Company for passing the certifications.

Our journey began with a commitment to delivering the finest coffee to our community. We embarked on a transformative experience in Chicago to ensure we mastered the craft. At Fire Dancer Coffee Consultants, nestled in the bustling city of Chicago, we immersed ourselves in a five-day intensive course led by industry experts. In our quest for mastery, learning is perpetual. Reflecting on our journey, we’re humbled by the wealth of knowledge imparted by industry pros like Mike Ebert and Renée Espinoza. Their qualifications and dedication to fostering excellence have shaped our approach.

Prioritizing quality was non-negotiable from the outset. Consulting with seasoned experts like a master roaster from Denver, formerly affiliated with a prestigious roastery, was instrumental. Armed with invaluable insights, we curated the finest beans and perfected recipes to craft exceptional coffee blends. Our determination to deliver greatness to Casper fueled our journey.

Redefining Casper’s Coffee Culture

Before our venture, Casper’s coffee roasting scene was sparse. Yet, armed with a vision to elevate local coffee culture, we set out to make a mark. While other cities boasted established roasteries, Casper held untapped potential. Our aspiration to elevate Metro Coffee Company with craft coffee roasts was merely the beginning.

At the core of our endeavor lies a profound commitment to our community. Bringing freshly roasted coffee to Casper isn’t merely a business venture—it’s a testament to our devotion to local sustainability and quality. Specialty coffee isn’t just a product; it’s a standard upheld with dedication. By embracing local roots, we are enriching lives through every cup poured at Metro Coffee Company.

Everything we do coincides with our plan to build this community, or any community we reach. Coffee is integral to our society and we want to deliver a high-quality offering. Specialty coffee is a category. It is something that has standards. We couldn’t just order any old bean and roast it as a specialty – We have to offer a particular grade of beans – good beans. Putting our hearts into METRO allows us to give back to our community in our own special way. When we work together on community initiatives we embrace what it really means to be local. METRO IS LOCAL.