Live music, art shows, poetry, and more. Yes, Metro has and always be a staple of the art scene here in Casper. We not only champion the arts, but many established artists have gotten their start here on our walls. We have monthly shows featuring local and regional artists and fill our shop with their works of art.

Metro has always made a commitment to being part of our community.

With that said, we have always stood by taking a chance on those with a creative dream or vision. Much like those who have taken a chance on us over the years. The Grind is the source for all things Metro. Whether it is art, music, new coffee releases, sales, special events, or more, we have you. You may not count on much, but you can count on this. The Grind is a no BS way of keeping your thumb on the pulse of what we have in store on the month-the-month.

The Grind

Where Do These Drinks Come From?

We had a chance to chat with Ashlynn Peverley about creating amazing drinks that people keep coming back for. What inspired you to try to create your own drink recipes for Metro? I was wondering what it would be like to make up a drink because we had so many different flavor choices and I… continue reading »

So, Why Is Metro So Involved With the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition?

If you’re familiar with the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition, a statewide contest welcoming musicians of all genres to compete using their own music, you’ve likely seen Metro as a sponsor. It’s no secret that we’re proud supporters of the arts, music included, but our relationship with this annual event goes a bit deeper than that. During… continue reading »

On Our Grind: Wyoming-Roasted Coffee Available Through Metro Coffee Company

What is it about Wyoming that just makes everything better? Our wildlife? Scenery? People? Maybe all of the above! Whatever it is, we’re excited to add one more thing to the list of things that our state makes so great: fresh coffee that is roasted, packaged, and sold right here in Casper, Wyoming. The wide… continue reading »

Welcome To The Family Business

Metro Coffee Company is proud to announce that Operations Officer, Carter Peverley has accepted a Partner role in the company. He will join his father Sean in developing the family business. This is exciting news for Metro and Carter. It means that together they can continue to serve the community of Casper, but also grow… continue reading »

Play Hooky With Metro’s Newest Roast: Unexcused Absence

“Bueller…? Bueller…?” This reference might be a little old for many of the fresh young faces frequenting Metro during school hours, but our newest roast is a salute to all the high school kids who, just like Ferris, come to Metro for a little “Unexcused Absence”. While we don’t endorse skipping school, we love being… continue reading »

Sink Your Teeth Into Our New Breakfast Bites

What are the three new Breakfast Bites? We are offering two pastry crust-filled options and one egg soufflé bite. The pastry crust is made from scratch at the production house. The Lorraine is bacon, Swiss, onion, and egg-filled pastry crust while the Retro is filled with sausage, egg, and cheddar cheese. My favorite is the… continue reading »

Introducing The Coffee Table: the Latest Addition to the Metro Family

If you’ve been paying attention over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that Metro has been up to a LOT lately. The addition of our East Side and Skelly locations, joined with the launch of our in-house roasted coffee beans, have us feeling so grateful, motivated, and excited for more to come–and… continue reading »

Metro Featured Artist: Kellen Smith

Music is back at Metro this month! We are excited to welcome Wyoming’s own Kellen Smith to our downtown location on March 25th at 7:00PM. Kellen Smith is a singer/songwriter from Gillette Wyoming. He is a University of Wyoming graduate, and a fifth-generation cattle rancher. He began playing guitar and writing while in college at… continue reading »

Metro Coffee Company Opens Its Doors to ʻThe Roasteryʼ

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Metro Coffee Company has announced the official opening of ʻThe Roastery;ʼ a pop-in/pop-out, drive-thru location near Downtown Casper. In addition to offering a full selection of hot and cold beverages, as well as a variety of bagels and cream cheese, The Roastery will also sell coffee beans that the owners of Metro… continue reading »

Metro Featured Artist: Quinlan Valdez

Music is back at Metro this month! We are excited to welcome the talented Quinlan Valdez to our downtown location January 28th at 7:00PM. Born and raised in Wyoming, Quinlan’s musical life began in 2010 when he first saw Jalan Crossland perform a show for Casper’s ArtCore program, which led to an expanding love for… continue reading »